Hye Haluu.. I’m Back!

Hi everyone! I am back and absolutely it’s time for me to blogging since I have been a little bit busy lately and network’s constrained cause. Most of the time.. I was thinking about my blog as I know there had someone who was waiting for me for a long time.. I am very sure. And tonight, I had my dinner definitely here. One of my most favorite places to get Ice Cappuccino Blended as well, Premier Café.. I thought it’d be nice to just enjoy the evening and keep surfing and updating.

I decided to get something different tonight. I always get the Chicken Rice Set which served with much other weird stuff. So this time, I got the Sup Makanan Laut Assam Pedas and Ice Blended Choco Mocha.. Dhuuh.. It was delicious! Unfortunately, Guys.. I’m just looking for the staffs here who are not very friendly.. Mr. Manager… please do something to them. I haven’t looked even smile’s sign from them. Do I seem like fussy or it just a thing that shouldn’t make me nagging?

Apart of that, I have been starting my jog just last 2 weeks. I’m just realized that I had to do something with my body as I don’t feel comfortable at all. Luckily, I have been accompanied by my friend. Well, as I thought before, it doesn’t seems like I have to do all these matter regarding the weight loss activities. But I was wrong as my pants had no longer suitable for me…(don’t ever asks bout my waist :p ) So I really think that it is definitely a must do! And for sure.. I’ll keep waiting for “totally awesome” result of my weight. :p


~ by phyneballerz81 on April 4, 2008.

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