I Am Here.. but I Am Not Here!

I was thinking about my life.. my family.. and my blog today.. and I noticed that my blog isn’t as random as I’d like it to be. I know a lot of you have been curious to know more bout me. It’s suppose each week or at least each month I’ll share a random fact about myself and I’ll try to make it something that people normally wouldn’t know.

Back to the Title.. I was really felt “exhausted” with all those things happened to me. It was like I have nobody here.. Even at my hometown… and even at my lovely home. I was alone. I used to think where have they been for a long time.. I couldn’t see my mum, dad, my siblings… There were lost.. I haven’t had any time to chit chat with them.. I haven’t came out from my room to see what was happened outside.. I have been here every single second (but still haven’t been able to get in some nice blogging time). Aside.. they were there actually.. but as i mentioned.. I couldn’t see anybody just because everything in my mind were zero..!! Please… Come Back To Me!!

I really just wanted to get my family back. I love u mum.. I love u dad.. I love all of u here.. and tomorrow I’ll going back to that world.. and it will takes two months to meet up again.. I am not in a good feeling rite now.. !! I am “DOWN”…!! Guys… do help me..


~ by phyneballerz81 on March 14, 2008.

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