Adam again.. and again..!!

I was really surprised of this new positive improvement.. I’ve been receiving a news telling me dat Adam could read at his age. Not very surprise to people out there.. but for me.. he’s my nephew so that I have to be proud of him. Just celebrated his 6th besday 1 month ago.. quite interesting to me.. It should no comparisons making between him and my students.. because of .. well.. as we know the environment is a main factor which could be influencing peoples.. rural and town area.. two different places.. cuba bayangkanla.. 3 out of 11 year 6’s pupils in my school couldn’t even read 1 word which has 2 suku kata.. S.A.Y.A of cozla boleh.. tuh pun mungkin dah selalu sgt so memang dah bleh hafal pun.. but Adam … i randomly asked him to read words yang ada 3 suku kata.. K.E.R.E.T.A, M.E.L.A.K.A, T.O.Y.O.T.A (motif ko suruh eja nama kereta?)..and at the end of my questions, he was suddenly reads D.A..da.. R.I..ri.. D.A..da.. DARIPADA… ahaks.. nak tergelak la sangat..kenapa?! hey.. budak macam tu bisa mengeja perkataan dgn 4 sukukata.. i was very happy but at the same time.. i am really feel disappointed with the rest who are sitting for UPSR dis year yang masih terkial-kial mengeja..but we will try to do something for them.. ingat lagi pesan my lecturer.. kejayaan seseorang guru diukur dari kejayaan anak didiknya… Yayyy!!!

Lagila si Adam nie punya mum yang quite fussy.. garang lagi… so i dun think Adam akan menyusahkan guru darjah satu dia (next year) and again.. kalaula semua parents budak kat rural area sana tuh pun tegas dalam hal ajar-ajar anak.. alangkah ringannya “SEDIKIT” (maaf.. terpaksa beri penekanan pada perkataan ini.. kalau tak ada plak yang mulut puaka kat luar sana kata guru tak dak kerja.. PUNDEK sangatt!!) beban guru..


~ by phyneballerz81 on March 13, 2008.

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